Cloud & Security

Data loss is an inevitable event. Maximum data loss disasters come suddenly and unexpectedly, resulting in a serious loss of productivity. According to EMC data, Australian businesses lost a combined US$55.7 billion in 2014 to data loss as well as unplanned downtime. The average company experienced more than 27 hours of unexpected downtime. Needless to say, the impacts of unscheduled downtime are enormous in today’s highly competitive business environment. That is why choosing the right data backup & recovery strategies should be the first priority of businesses today.   

Why Trust Flyonhealth for Cloud Security?

At Flyonhealth, we understand that your data is the lifeline of your business. We therefore provide a comprehensive Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution, making use of a secure, cloud-based storage solution. Our BAAS solution is compatible with leading backup software, such as ShadowProtect® and Veeam®. With our BaaS solution, you can dramatically reduce the risk of data loss, minimize unnecessary downtime, minimize compliance costs as well as improve data governance. Also,    

Key Benefits of Flyonhealth’s BaaS

  • Real-time monitoring, management and remediation.
  • Highly flexible
  • Reliable & secure
  • Cost effective
  • Simple to setup & manage
  • Faster backup
  • Instant restore
  • Easily solves backup challenges
  • Complete peace of mind
  • 24*& service desk

Key Features of BaaS

  • One comprehensive solution for desktops, laptops and servers which includes data backup for SQL Server, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and Apple Mac OSX.
  • Incremental backups policy – save only changed bytes not the entire file.
  • A centralized hub for convenient data backup and restore schedule.
  • Data encryption before transfer.
  • Simple User portal
  • Quick data restore capability
  • Support provided for email alerts and notifications for problems and errors.

If you are interested about our BaaS solution, call us on 1300 359 664 for a free valuation without obligation.

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