Transform your Healthcare Organization with Microsoft Azure

Healthcare, more than any other industries, is faced with the greatest challenge of safeguarding their patients’ sensitive information. This is the reason why the healthcare industry has finally begun to invest in cloud technology.

According to the 2014 Cloud Survey by global healthcare advisor HIMSS Analytics, around 83% of IT healthcare organisations are presently using cloud services while around 92% of healthcare providers have started realizing the value of cloud services for their organisation.

Know how Microsoft Azure can help your healthcare organization

Microsoft Azure is uniquely positioned to reduce the privacy, security, and compliance concerns that constantly have been threatening the healthcare industry.

It offers excellent privacy, compliance as well as security capabilities at an affordable cost.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure for the healthcare industry

Trusted security as well as compliance

The cloud is undoubtedly powerful. It is a less expensive way to innovate. However, health organizations need to trust that their clients’ sensitive information will always stay secure as well as compliant.

Microsoft platforms offer trusted cloud solutions that make sure that data is properly protected, managed, private as well as compliant.

Superior and faster care

Hospitalization is undoubtedly the most costly way of treating patients. However, by using intelligent devices to take health measurements outside hospitals or other care setting as well as pairing this measurement with cloud-based analysis of this data in order to identify when measurements exceed acceptable thresholds enables doctors to take action before the patient become serious enough to require hospitalization.

Proactive, personalized healthcare

Patients generally leave after visiting their doctors and receiving treatment. However, what happens after a patient leaves can determine whether they must come back, or worse, end up getting hospitalized. With the right tools & platform, you can develop solutions avoiding this situation, allowing engagement to continue outside the healthcare setting.

Platforms that increase the quality of care

Smart devices can help healthcare organization minimize their costs through more efficient management of facilities as well as operations, enabling them to invest more of their budget directly into health. Systems can communicate with smart devices in order to track the location of vital equipment such as crash carts or even people, including both patients & doctors.

Microsoft Azure conforms to global standards

With Microsoft Azure, you can be secure knowing that your sensitive data is completely safe and that they conform to global standards. You own & control your clients’ sensitive data, knowing how it is stored as well as accessed.


If you are thinking to move your healthcare organization to the Azure cloud, you are in the right path. Microsoft Azure’s cloud solution is enabling transformative experiences in the healthcare industry. It is helping healthcare organization increase their efficiency, productivity, assurance, accountability as well as security.

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