IT Support & Maintenance

IT Support & Maintenance

Full Service Managed IT Support & Maintenance

Flyonhealth’s Managed IT service is a simple solution for delivering quality, functional and reliable IT into your practice.

Customisable to suit your needs, you can opt for a single piece of equipment to be managed or for all your IT worries to be taken away for a single regular payment.

We provide everything you need to have your installation maintained to the highest of standards. The hardware is supported, the software is managed and any issues that arise are dealt with quickly, professionally and with your business in mind.

Have your end to end IT managed through a single professional IT provider with better monitoring, proactive management, backups and support.

Enable add on services such as hosted disaster recovery, managed print and intranet repository.

Build in equipment refreshes and add surety against equipment failure effectively removing all of the peaks of IT costs.

IT Help-desk Support Portal

We provide access to an online help-desk portal a dedicated support number of 1300359664 and an after hours emergency contact person is always available.

Onsite IT Support

When the going gets tough, there is no substitute for attending on-site. Regardless if we are there to troubleshoot an IT issue, service important IT equipment or train staff on the latest software package, we are there for you!

By outsourcing your Medical IT Support, you no longer have to pay an in-house IT worker’s salary. For just a portion of that cost you get a full-time team of health industry experts, highly skilled in what they do.

Medical IT Quick Support Download

In most cases, our Medical IT technical team are able to deal with clinic IT problems remotely without ‘physically’ changing any hardware on your PC. Resolving computer issues from a remote location by our Medical IT support technicians minimises computer repair time and allows you to get back to your day to day tasks sooner.

Discover the benefits of fully managed IT support

We will take care of everything!

  • Performance monitoring – we will monitor your servers, firewall and routers 24 / 7 by installing software tools on your network that alert us instantly to any issues found. Record overall performance and provide monthly network performance reports via email
  • Backup monitoring – We will check and make sure your back up works every day and provide monthly backup reports via email
  • Regular maintenance – We will combine both onsite and remote maintenance
  • Regular reviews – We will meet with you regularly to discuss your network and systems
  • Unlimited phone support
  • Equipment support
  • Anti-virus software for all PCs and Servers
  • Email spam filters that provide twice daily email notifications to individual users

Why Choose Us for Your Practice?

  • 24/7 rapid, responsive IT support & services to Doctors, Medical Centres, Dental, Pharmacy, Allied Health, Pathology and Optometrists
  • Dedicated support team
  • Years of experience with Medical & Practice management software
  • Intense relationships with leading software vendors.
  • Proven success record with thousands of healthcare practices
  • Operational applications 24×7
  • Disaster recovery
  • Improved protection
  • Increased security
  • Regulations compliance

Our Managed IT Services Offering

  • Complete managed IT support & solutions for your dental practice, medical practice, pharmacy, pathology or healthcare facility.
  • Security solutions that can help keep your patients’ data protected at all times.
  • 24/7/365 remote monitoring for complete peace of mind.
  • Flexible cloud computing solutions
  • eHealth & telehealth solutions
  • Data backup solutions
  • Disaster recovery
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