Healthcare Solution For The Aged Care Sector

Aged care providers face significant and ever increasing pressures.Many aged care centres are drowning in paperwork. They have to deal with a lot of paper-based forms, which cuts into the time they are able to spend with aged patients. This is the reason today many aged care providers are showing interest in using digital technologies in order to improve the efficiency of their healthcare delivery. Digital technologies can enable aged care providers to deliver higher quality services.

How can we help?

FLYONHEALTH’S healthcare solution is designed to be efficient and can help aged care providers move away from paper based forms & manual processes to a centralised digital solution that stores as well as maintains clients’ data, behaviour, program details, treatments ans well as other pieces of valuable client information securely. We have partnered with HealthCareLine to provide this solution.The strength of our healthcare solution is in the collection, collating as well as presentation of client data. Our solution will help you make better decisions based on high-quality historical & aggregated data.

Benefits of our healthcare solution

Ease of Use – It is particularly designed for field staffs having low-tech skills.

Customise – It enables care givers of aged care homes to configure inputs according to their roles.

Mobility – Being web accessed, field staffs will be able to easily access system via laptop, desktop, as well as phone devices.

More time to focus on the elderly – As all the work can be managed digitally, the elderly people gets more time.

No need of hand written notes – It will eliminates the need for hand written notes as well as filing.

Access to Real-Time Information – Access to real information on daily client behavior, incidents, medication use and lifestyle.

Reporting – You will get user friendly dashboards which include important information along with complex reporting.

Reduces Administration – Complete system allows for data to be entered once.

Cloud – Save your important data in cloud and access it whenever you want.

No IT Investment Required – No need of additional investment as it can run on existing IT infrastructure .

24/7 Support – You will get live support 24/7.

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