FLYONHEALTH is proud to announce its partnership with HealthCareLine

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with HealthCareLine to provide world-class healthcare solution to the Australian healthcare practices.

HealthCareLine is essentially a data collection and presentation business application.  The strength of HealthCareLine is in the collection, collating as well as presentation of client data. It is particularly designed for family/guardians, doctors, pharmacists, clinicians, carers and physiotherapists. This has been developed on the expertise as well as practical experience of carers & management teams across the Human Services industry.

Our partnership with HealthCareLine will enable us to provide best quality healthcare solution to the Australian healthcare practices including Behavioral Healthcare Hospitals, Disability Service Providers as well as Aged Care Providers and help them move away from paper based forms & manual processes to a centralised digital solution that will help them store as well as maintain clients’ data, behaviour, program details, treatments & other pieces of important client information securely. Our solution will help healthcare practices make better decisions based on high-quality historical as well as aggregated data.

There are many benefits of our healthcare solution. Some of them include ease of use, staff efficiency, access to real-time information, increased capacity & reduced cost, more time for staff as well as managers to focus on core carer activities and many more.

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