Top 2 Mum Trends That You Should Know To Grow Your Healthcare Practice

In Australia, there are over 6,227,200 mothers as well as a further 140,000 women becoming mothers every year. They are a powerful consumer group for healthcare organizations who they cannot afford to ignore, undervalue or misunderstand.

Have a look at the 2 main mum trends that can help you grow your healthcare business:

Aussie moms are now crazy about smartphones

Today, mothers in Australia have embraced smartphone. According to Roy Morgan reports, Aussie women now just can’t live without their smartphones. The report has found that over 3.9million mothers in Australia have a mobile phone (97%), as well as 3 million (77%) have a smartphone. The growing adoption as well as usage of smartphones by Australian moms is one of the biggest changes that healthcare organizations are needing to consider while communicating with Aussie mothers or would be mothers. Every healthcare organization in Australia should now take full advantage of this new trend as well as think of new ways to reach a mom. For example, healthcare organization should consider replace conventional monitoring as well as recording to mobile or even moving to new practice management solutions that will enable appointment reminders, mobile check in, appointment rescheduling as well as have real-time portal access in order to meet the 24*7 accessibility needs of Aussie moms.

Social media is another key platform that Aussie mums have embraced

There is another key platform that mums in Australia have largely embraced and that is social media. Today, Australian mothers stay active in social media websites most of the time in order to stay connected with their friends, amuse themselves as well as research various products & their prices. For them, it is little bit of ‘ME’ time. According to reports from Marketing to Moms, over 90 percent of Aussie moms check their social media accounts on a regular basis with over 28 percent claiming to access almost 11 times a day or more. Their favourite social media platform remains Facebook, followed by Instagram & Pinterest. So when moms are on social media, your healthcare organization should be too. Twitter/Blog/Yammer group can be a new way for your healthcare organization to share latest trends, information as well as alerts with your mom client base.


According to reports, over 63 percent of Aussie mums believe that marketers in Australia don’t understand them. But you should know that if you don’t try to understand the mums in Australia, you may be missing out on opportunities.

Mums in Australia are now not the same. Over the past decade, they have undergone significant changes.  So if your healthcare practice fails to keep up with their ever changing behaviour, you might not be able to grow your business.

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