Online Booking & eForms

Online Booking & eForms

Digital technology is helping traditional medical practices become a truly paperless medical practice. With the release of eForms, patients now can easily fill out their registration forms either at home or in the practice using their tablet or mobiles. eForms can help you improve your patient work flows as the perception of your medical practice by your clients.

Benefits of eForms

Easy to Manage

eForms are very easy to manage utilising your own online patient portal that both your patients as well as you can access anytime anywhere, with the option to email them a URL link to their form.

  • Fully integrated with Dental4Windows
  • Easy to view completed eForms
  • Guest forms (patients fill out forms in practice with no signup).
  • Patient information from Dental4Windows pre-populates form for easy use (including guest form).
  • Date & times of access by patients are recorded
  • Filter status settings will allow you real time viewing
  • Tablet friendly
  • Many other features that allows easy management of patient forms

It can help you keep your patient’s details updated in Dental4Windows

eForms provides the opportunity to automatically update patients’ records in a patient friendly format. This eliminates wasted time manually entering data, and reduces the possibility of errors.

While filling out a form, your patients don’t even have to be in your medical practice. Just you need to email the URL to your patients so that they can fill it out before coming into the practice – at their home or on the way. Also eForms are responsive. Patient therefore can fill it out from their smart phone. eForms is very convenient for your clients and it makes life much easier in the practice.

You can create your own tailored form

eForms allows practices to create their own tailored forms, composing the questions as well as design that suit their individual practice.

eForms helps you know your patients better

eForms can help you know your patients better. This is important in creating a more sustained as well as valuable relationship. Also, it adds to practice efficiency & creates greater patient confidence.

How can we help?

Paperless solution is our expertise. We can help you convert your medical practice to a truly paperless medical practice faster as well as effectively.

If you would like to have further information, please contact us.

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