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We have heard as lot about office 365 and its benefits. Today we are going to see what this cloud based productivity tool can do for your small business. Office 365 software can do wonders for your business. It not only enhances the productivity of your business but also lowers the operating costs. It helps employees to be more flexible. It allows you to concentrate on the core business without being distracted by complicated software and hardware.

Below are the reasons why small businesses should choose office 365.

Increased productivity

Office 365 lives in the cloud and therefore it allows your small business to access from anywhere and anytime and responds to requests in real time. Your employees can access documents, email and contacts from anywhere using their mobile devices, laptops, PC or tablets. Plus, with Office 365 users can work together on the same file or document. These features of Office 365 lead to increased productivity of business.

Simple and easy to learn

Office 365 is very simple and easy to use. Your new and small business will not have to install any complicated systems and employees will not have to learn a new software tool. Office 365 also provides users with the old familiar office applications. You will still have word, PowerPoint, Excel and many more.

Easy communication and collaboration

Office 365 allows your small company to create password-protected portals so that you can upload and share large files and documents both inside and outside your company. It also allows sending instant messages to your customers and colleagues. With Office 365, you can also invite your colleagues to take part in online meetings.

Enhanced Office experience

Your office experience will be enhanced with advanced Office 365 features like calendars, contacts, online meetings, 25 GB mailbox that allows attachments up to 25 MB, document collaboration, instant messaging and more. At a very lower price, your business can be benefited by these advanced features of Office 365.

Professional face for your business

With Office 365’s professional services, you can show your customers that you are serious about your business. By inviting your customers to online meetings, you can impress them. Your branding can be enhanced with a custom domain name and the design tool included in office 365 can help to create a professional websites within a few minutes.

Increased privacy and robust security

Security is the primary concern for every business and Microsoft is very much concerned about security. Office 365 helps to protect your documents, email and networks. Users can send encrypted messages in or outside company with Office 365’s message encryption. Office 365 has been designed to meet your business’s content security needs as well as data usage compliance. With Office 365’s data loss prevention, sensitive information can be monitored. You can also preserve data for e discovery and compliance with the Hold feature in office 365.


Office 365 brings flexibility to your business because it allows providing users only the services that is required, adding value to your business.

With Office 365, your small business can experience the best productivity and that too at lower operating costs. By switching to Office 365, you can bring flexibility to your business and increase cost- effectiveness. The best thing about Office 365 is that it lives in the cloud and thus allows access from anywhere and anytime. It can do miracle for your small and new business.

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