Internet of Things is So Important in Healthcare

Know Why Internet of Things is So Important in Healthcare

Internet of Things has completely changed the face of healthcare by redefining the way how people, devices as well as apps connect & interact with each other in the ecosystem. It is constantly bringing in new tools as well as efficiency in the ecosystem resulting in more integrated healthcare. It promises better patient care, improved treatment outcomes as well as reduced healthcare costs.

Here are some interesting statistics on Internet of Things in the healthcare industry:

  • Almost 60 percent of healthcare organizations have already introduced Internet of Things devices into their facilities.
  • Around 73 percent of healthcare organizations use Internet of Things for monitoring as well as maintenance.
  • The most common use of Internet of Things technology in the healthcare industry is patient monitors (64%), followed by energy meters (56%).
  • 80 percent respondents in the healthcare industry cite increased innovation as the main benefit of IoT.
  • When asked to identify the future benefits of Internet of Things, 57 percent of respondents chose increased workforce productivity as well as 57 percent chose saved costs.
  • Around 87% of healthcare organizations plan to implement IoT technology by 2019.

Here are some of the top benefits of Internet of Things in the healthcare organizations:

Reduced Costs

By leveraging Internet of Things healthcare solutions, patients can be monitored on a real-time basis which in turn will help cut down unnecessary physician visits. Advanced home care facilities will help cut down hospital readmission as well as stays.

Improved Treatment Outcomes

Connected Health enables medical professionals to get access to real-time information, helping them take data-driven, informed decisions as well as offer evidence-based treatments. This ensures timely care as well as improved treatment outcomes.

Better Disease Management

As patients are being monitored on a continuous basis as well as health care providers are being able to access real time data with IoT solutions, it becomes easier to treat diseases before it becomes too late and the condition of the patient worsens.

Minimized Errors

With automated workflows, accurate collection of data as well as data-driven decisions, it becomes easier for healthcare organizations to minimize errors as well as reduce system costs.

Better Patient Experience

Connected Health mainly focuses on the needs of the patients. Timely physician intervention, better accuracy when it comes to diagnosis, proactive treatments as well as improved treatment outcomes gives result to accountable care as well as high trust among patients.

Enhanced managements of drugs

Today, drug management is one of the major expenses in the healthcare industry. However, with Internet of Things as well as smart devices, it becomes easier to manage these things in a much better way.


Internet of Things really has the potential to completely revolutionize healthcare in a positive way. However, it is important to be careful as it also presents many challenges. We all know that health data is very sensitive and if it is misused or not shared appropriately, it may damage reputations. Hence, making sure that healthcare organizations have secure as well as manageable infrastructure is highly necessary.

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